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Nitin A. Gokhale is a media entrepreneur, strategic affairs analyst and author of more than half a dozen books on military history, insurgencies and wars. One of South Asia's leading strategic analysts, Gokhale started his career in journalism in 1983. In the past 36 years, he has led teams of journalists across print, broadcast and web platforms.

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  1. Shailesh

    Govt down to jco rank in India army only one rank sepoy , nk , Hav, chm,,bhm not rank require jco

  2. Lt Cool (retd) YS Tomar

    All very well. But what about the restructuring of services and promotion prospects vis a vis the Arms.
    Army med corps amongst the services is most neglected as at present. For them even to become a Col is a very difficult proposition. Whether in field or peace, the AMC is always on the job. A service hospital is busy on all days of the week.
    At many a places doctors don’t even get to eat their lunch before 4 PM.
    It is therefore expected that they too get rewarded. And in the Army reward means Promotions and not money.
    I expect a reply.


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