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  1. Rabindra

    An article which has dealt with the Pak Nuclear Threat in the most forthright and candid matter.
    Pakistan is tottering and ill afford to launch a War. It stands isolated in the World for exporting Terrorism.

    India has not only joined the league of “ Developed Nations “ but is today in Strategic partnership with the most of the powerful advanced nation.
    Even with China, it has an yearly trade of 86 billion dollars and its trade that has cemented and normalised Indi- China relationship.

    India has to achieve an annual growth of 8-9% per annum and its achievable. Such a sustained growth will lift not only India but entire South Asia less Pakistan.

    Pakistan has been artificially propped up by US since inking its inclusion in SEATO & CENTO , as a bulwark against spread of Communism .
    Today too , due to its involvement in Afghanistan, it needs Pakistan ‘s ports , airfields and roads to maintain its troops in Afghanistan. Therefore US will do its utmost to keep Pakistan from engaging India in a full blown war which may turn Nuclear.

    With a 60 billion dollar investment in CPEC, China too will restrain Pakistan. it needs Gwadar and its surface transport infrastructure leading to Kasghar from Gwadar , for unhindered move of its namely Oil from Middle East.

    But these shouldn’t in anyway assure us or make us develop complacency. Pakistan is very unpredictable, being ruled by its Military .

    An “Advanced “ Country status of India may
    make Pakistan introspect and then it may extend a hand of friendship. The pre requisite for this requires an “ Advanced India”.

    An excellent article slicing through the myths and bogies of Pakistan ‘s Nuclear threat.

  2. Rabindra


    Pakistan s water resources will get contaminated if the Nukes are dropped in Kashmir.

    If Mainland India is, it won’t be a bad idea to contaminate the three river lifelines of Pakistan with Nuclear Waste ( like McArthur had suggested for Yalu R on Korea – China border during Korean W).

  3. Sougoto

    The principle of thousand cuts to continue. It is the best option I suppose.
    Orators are plenty no leaders so possibly through media we would be hearing multi dimensional threats all the time. Something similar to “Cry Wolf”.
    But we should not be caught off guard as in 26/11.

  4. Vasan

    Pak issued threats when weak PM were in office in India.After PM Modi took over, they know vocal threats wont work.


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