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Lt Gen KJ Singh

Lt Gen KJ Singh superannuated in August, 2016 after 39 years of distinguished service. The General officer has commanded Western Command, an operationally committed Corps in North East, an Armoured Division in the Strike Corps, a T-90 Armoured Brigade and an elite Armoured Regiment - 63 Cavalry. He was Colonel of seven armoured regiments.

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  1. Saurabh mahabare

    Sir how the status quo of the region will change if according to pak that if India consider the upper part of Indus river of its own and the lower one of pak. And by Cutting the supply to pak through Indus ind should put more pressure on pak?

  2. Saurabh mahabare

    According to pak the subrivers of Indus sutlaj bias and Ravi should irrigate Indias status and the reaming should complete the thirst of pak


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