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  1. Colonl Kirat Vaze

    A very timely and well researched article on the current inventory, the acquisitions in the pipeline and the urgency of updating the critical weapons and weapon systems of the three Services of the Indian Armed Forces, in view of the emerging geo – political situation. A word of caution. To be effective, the critical deficiencies will have to be made up in timeframes/timelines prioritised at the top, and not left to be subject to political / beaureucratic tweaking. This is of UTMOST importance, as whichever perception tinged crystal ball we may take to gaze into, we as a Nation do NOT have the TIME and therefore the luxury of ‘preparing’ for a impending conflict as we did before the 1971 Indo – Pak Confict. Suffice to say we are already in Phase 1 of a Hybrid War launched against us by China, with Pakistan stepping up the ante. This brings me to my final observation. We are not preparing for the last war so whatever equipment, technology, ultra modern weapon systems to counter and give the Chinese a befitting reply to their so called Three Strategy Warfare, in terms of surveillance devices, drones, psy/propoganda warfare equipment and the like MUST be bought off the shelf NOW, at whatever cost, and later produced domestically. The decision must be taken now. History, it is said, is very unforgiving to the loser! Once again, a very well articulated analysis by the author.

    1. Brig SK Chatterji

      Thanks Col Vaze for very enlightening comments.


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