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CV - Major General BK Sharma AVSM, SM** (Retd)

Maj Gen BK Sharma Heads Centre for Strategic Studies and Simulation at the USI of India. He specializes in strategic Net Assessments, Scenario Building and Strategic Gaming. He is a graduate of Defence Services Staff College, Higher Command course and National Defense College. He attended a course in International Peacekeeping in Santiago (Chile) in the year 2000.

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  1. Rabindra

    Too much is being written on Strategic envelopment of India…. kind of gives a feeling of being victimised.
    China got independence in1948, were much poore, their cities and infrastructure in state of ruins and today it has alleviated 80 million of citizens from poverty to Middle Class….. Humanity will remember China for this great effort .

    If India would have developed as China did, India too would have tapped the market in neighbouring and far away lands…. and to then to protect its interests would have built a powerful Armed Forces and established strategic partnership with many a Nation…. and one day/ some day we will .

    China’s major USP is its advancement in technology. its the world leader in AI, ownership of Electric Vehicles, registration of max Nos of Scientific patents in the world….. this along with a productive manpower will propel it to greater heights, albeit with no no intention of military dominance… that will possibly remain the domain of the Wedt or the Occidental s .( crippling sanctions, military intervention for regime change etc)

    Yuan is gaining strength and
    in near future will also be a preferred currency for international trade and for storing Surplus value of a Nation .

    Shanghai Crude has already dented the Future s trade of oil and China being the world s largest importer of Oil, this platform of crude trade is destined to succeed.

    BRI too is bound to succeednot only in its trade potentialbut also in bringing millions out of poverty in the impoverished countries it encompasses… from Nepal to C Asian nations to Africa to S America…. a spin iff of Infrastructure development and access to technology .
    Western nations with surplus cash too are investing heavily in BRI to seek better returns. Many US companies are profiting from infrastructure contracts ( supplying power generation, rail- road – Port Building machinery) despite US non participation.

    With the promised overhaul by Xi in transparency in BRI and zero tolerance to corruption (?) … BRI will become compliant to international standards.

    India is in a dilemma, no doubt, specially because BRI blatantly encroaches upon our Sovereignty in Gilgit where Pakistan has handed over vast areas of illegal occupation for development as part of CPEC.

    China is India’s largest trading partner. Can India ignore BRI in this deeply enmeshed world? Can Indian companies fail to bid for BRI projects in Foreign countries? Can India fail to take advantage of the technology BRI is / will export/ imbibe?

    1. r

      Yes agreed but a lot of it could be done by brute strength of communism and the strong nationalism which did not change with governments. So we have to work within the constraints and limitations that we have.

  2. Rabindra

    Bangladesh has been careful not to fall into debt trap or to annoy India or its major aid giver Japan. It has very carefully selected the infrastructure projects, debt servicing of it within its ability and cost to benefit analysis beneficial.. be it the Padma Bridge or Parraya Port Development.

    Myanmar has wisely scaled down Kyaukpyu port development.
    Sri Lanka burnt its fingers in Hambantotta and settled to lease it for 99 yrs .

    Malaysia has toned down the East coast Kuantan pirt and Industrial park Development under BRI.

    Pakistan has shelved some dams … and Nepal has chosen Chinese gauge over Indian gauge for rail connectivity under BRI with China .

    Maldives is too re negotiating development of
    Projects under BRI including the Makhunudhoo Ocean observation station.

    All these are of geo Strategic interest to China but host nations have learnt from Sri Lanka n experience of defaulting on loan..

    Therefore these Countries do know the perils …. but that again doesn’t reduces Chinese interest in S Asia … namely because acess to ports here gives it a means to protect its oul and other trade transiting Indian Ocean.
    Ports of Kyaukpyu and Gwadar gives it a potential to stop use of Malacca and Sunda choke points and the S China Sea for maritime trade .

    India has to rise fast to maintain and increase its influence on S Asian nations… and for the time being it can benefit from being part if Indi Pacific Command of US.


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