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Maj Gen Alok Deb (Retd)

Maj Gen Alok Deb, SM, VSM commanded his Artillery regiment in Operation Vijay where it was awarded the Chief of Army Staff Unit Citation and Honour Title Kargil.

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  1. Rabindra

    This is very timely and an excellent article.
    India is in a quandary as Taliban regaining power will make its Embassy, consulates and $ 3 bn infrastructure in Afghan aid, vulnerable to Pakistan’s proxy armies such as Let which had carried out the 2008 bombing of Indian embassy in Kabul causing 66 deaths.
    Pakistan can also then divert Afghan mujahideens to Kashmir, to disturb it.

    Taliban, in its new avatar, is friends with China, Iran and Russia and held talks with them . Moscow initiative is a Russian Peace initiative in which India too is a participant.
    And Taliban isn’t inimical to India and it ( hope?) understands the historical umbilical which ties both nations deeply. In the
    Qandahar hijack, it did secure safe release of all Indians.
    Though Taliban may come to power but it will not give up on its safe sanctuaries in Pakistan, fearing international retribution for its misdeeds in future. This makes them reliant on Pakistan and therefore they may turn a blind eye to Pak proxies acting against India in Afghanistan.
    Most likely it will be a coalition government and knowing the Taliban and Northern Alliances leaders / factions fractured relations , its success is doubtful.
    US withdrawal must be precluded with an International commitment fron BonnInitiative or UN , to provide funds to Afghanistan to run the Nation for atleast next 20 yrs or so before it becomes self sufficient.
    SCO must play an active role in Afghan re construction after US leaves . SCO supported Afghanistan may see the Coalition Government of Taliban and other factions succeed .SCO involvement will deter a Pakistan from hurting India in Afghanistan.
    ISIS which is gaining in strength, aided by TTP , must be defeated as it threatens to destabilise not only Afghanistan but also China and C Asian states .
    And this dictates to the international community including SCO that Afghanistan must not plunge into chaos, after US withdrawal.

  2. Adarsha

    An insightful and detailed narrative by the author. India’s ‘Next act in Afghanistan’ definitely needs to define a pro active role for itself and consolidate its position in regional affairs.


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