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Ratan Shrivastava

The author is an Independent Consultant on Aerospace, Defence & Space. He is also an Honorary Advisor to FICCI – Space Division. Ratan has a successful global & domestic career , leading business units with P&L, management consulting in Aerospace & Defence and capital acquisitions at the Ministry of Defence.

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  1. Rabindra

    The issue in geo politics which worry India most in relation to US are :-
    1. US plans of withdrawal from Afghanistan as security of Indian embassy and its two consulates and its $3 Bn investment in infrastructure of Afghanistan are at stake. Also US withdrawal may see Afghan Mujahideens being sent to Kashmir by Pakistan.

    2. India also needs waiver under CAATSA for purchase of S 400 from Russia.
    3. India too needs US sanctions waiver to import oil from Iran and Venezuela.

    A nice article.


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