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  1. Sameer Oak

    I completely agree and second your view AVM Sir. To add further to your thoughts:
    (A) Having senior military leaders on the Board of Directors ( without extra perks) of major and minor Defence Manufacturing Industry
    (B) Attaching close to superannuation / PMR volunteer Officers and Jawans/ Airmen/ Sailors to ministry so that on retirement if they wish to pursue a career in active politics they are equipped with the working knowledge of the ministry
    (C) Tapping potential of research oriented officers at Higher Command Courses and instead of sending them on mundane Col GS/ Col Adm postings, assign them 2 year realistic research projects which can then be utilised as tools for policy/ doctrine definition. Consider this posting equivalent to Col GS posting

  2. Bangara

    A well analysed piece which needs to be read and understood not only by those in active service but also by veterans and the civil society

  3. V P Malik

    Agree with your point of view. Well explained.

  4. Krishan Chand

    Politics, military and foreign affairs are inseparable. Nothing wrong in vetrans joining pol parties/ forcefully airing their views/ even serving officers commenting on policies impacting military. Only entrenched corrupt and dynasts have reason to be apprehensive and rest of India can rejoice for breath of fresh air and objectivity.


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