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Major General PK Chakravorty (Retd)

Winner of the Silver Gun in his Young Officers Course, he tenanted prestigious appointments in the India Army, serving also as the Defence Attaché to Vietnam where he developed his interests in the Asia- Pacific region.

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  1. Robert

    India claims that it is adhering to the Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR) rules but the reality is quite opposite, in fact it is not preventing the spread of nuclear-capable ballistic missiles. So how, India can become the member of 35-nation MTCR? For which India has applied recently when India is already involved in exporting the missiles and technology to many African, Gulf and South-east Asian states below the MTCR threshold. How a state which is deliberately violating the treaty not being a member, will not violate being a member?

  2. Ravi Singh

    In the Trump/Brexit/Le Pen era, deterrence aganst the USA, UK and France is a real need.

  3. Ravi Singh

    China is building up Pakistan’s nuclear missile and warhead capability behind the scenes. If China uses Pakistan as a “suicide bomber”, the consequence of a nuclear war between Pakistan and India would be that China loses a hated rival and an expendable “ally”.
    Should India’s nuclear doctrine take the China – Pakistan nexus into account, and retaliate against both in the event of a strike by either?


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