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Rear Admiral Sudarshan Y. Shrikhande , AVSM, IN (Retd)

RADM Shrikhande graduated from the NDA in June 1979. His  qualifications include Masters with Distinction from the Soviet Naval War College, (1985-88) in ASW and Weapon Engineering; Msc From Staff College(1995);  MPhil from the Indian Naval War College  and Highest Distinction from the US Naval War College( 2003). He has served long years at sea, including as XO of INS Delhi, and in command of  three ships. He was defence attaché in Australia and to some South Pacific nations.

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  1. RAdm Surendra Ahuja, VSM (Retd)

    Adm Shrikhande makes a valid point. Services and MoD must examine this suggestion in details and seriously consider implementing it. There will, of course, be initial issues that will bring a lot of trouble (just as the author has identified) but that shouldn’t become the reason for preference for status-quo.

  2. Col N Sitaramaiah

    An excellent ,thought provoking analysis & apt recommendation to switch over to annual intake in mil academies. This stands validated through the Navy for the last 35 yrs.
    The last 2/3 paras of *Studies matter* , *Read to Lead* & the intent in the credo *Cradle of Ldrship* really sums up well.
    I am in agreement in totality to the last word

  3. Col MS Mahsl

    A well analysed article by Raer Adm Shrikhande.
    A few hiccups like,
    # MS matters – double the no of officers of same passing out dates will pose promotion plg, placement plg.
    # Units low in str of officers especially in Fd areas will have to wait for full year for YOs postings.
    # Break every six months for NDA and IMA cadets still needed which could be planned as these academies are physical intensive and not only academic institutes.
    # Intakes can be in Jul immediately after Schooling/ College sessions as already mentioned.


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