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Rear Admiral Sudarshan Y. Shrikhande , AVSM, IN (Retd)

Rear Admiral Sudarshan Y. Shrikhande , AVSM, IN (Retd)

RADM Sudarshan Shrikhande, commissioned July 1980; served in several ships before specialising in ASW & Sonar Weapon Engg from the Soviet Naval War College (1985-88). There upon, he was ASWO & Operations Officer in INS Ranvir for four years.

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    RAdm Surendra Ahuja, VSM (Retd)

    Adm Shrikhande makes a valid point. Services and MoD must examine this suggestion in details and seriously consider implementing it. There will, of course, be initial issues that will bring a lot of trouble (just as the author has identified) but that shouldn’t become the reason for preference for status-quo.

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    Col N Sitaramaiah

    An excellent ,thought provoking analysis & apt recommendation to switch over to annual intake in mil academies. This stands validated through the Navy for the last 35 yrs.
    The last 2/3 paras of *Studies matter* , *Read to Lead* & the intent in the credo *Cradle of Ldrship* really sums up well.
    I am in agreement in totality to the last word

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    Col MS Mahsl

    A well analysed article by Raer Adm Shrikhande.
    A few hiccups like,
    # MS matters – double the no of officers of same passing out dates will pose promotion plg, placement plg.
    # Units low in str of officers especially in Fd areas will have to wait for full year for YOs postings.
    # Break every six months for NDA and IMA cadets still needed which could be planned as these academies are physical intensive and not only academic institutes.
    # Intakes can be in Jul immediately after Schooling/ College sessions as already mentioned.


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