Rear Admiral Sudarshan Y. Shrikhande , AVSM, IN (Retd) Articles 27

RADM Shrikhande graduated from the NDA in June 1979. His  qualifications include Masters with Distinction from the Soviet Naval War College, (1985-88) in ASW and Weapon Engineering; Msc From Staff College(1995);  MPhil from the Indian Naval War College  and Highest Distinction from the US Naval War College( 2003). He has served long years at sea, including as XO of INS Delhi, and in command of  three ships. He was defence attaché in Australia and to some South Pacific nations. He has been Commander War Room/ NHQ, Director IN Tactical Evaluation Group and member of the IN’s Strategy and Operations Council. In flag rank he has been head of Naval Intelligence; Chief of Staff of SNC; Joint HQ staff duties and in the nuclear forces command and retired in 2016 as  Flag Officer Doctrines and Concepts. He continues teaching at several institutions including the NDC, all War colleges and the CDM as well as the NDA and INA spanning strategy, operational art,  RMA, Peloponnesian War, Arthashastra, geopolitics, maritime history, leadership and ethics. He has participated in Track 2 discussions   and been associated with the VIF, ORF, Takshashila, the  NSCS  as well as other institutions. He is an adjunct professor at the  Naval War College, Goa and with Takshashila. He is  the editor-in-chief of the Indian Naval Despatch.   He has presented papers in several  Indian and international conferences and is pursuing his PHD in  sea-based nuclear deterrence. He writes for some Indian and foreign portals and journals. He lives in Goa and helps in honorary  capacities  with the State  ESM welfare committees  and  until recently with the Navy Foundation.

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