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Col RN Ghosh Dastidar (Retd)

Col RN Ghosh Dastidar is a Post Graduate from Madras University in Defence and Strategic Studies. He is a retired Mechanised Infantry Officer, with a vast and varied experience in the Indian Army of 38 years. He is a keen follower of Geo Strategic events around the Globe and a freelance journalist, in this field.

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  1. Ashit Biswas

    A comprehensive and wholesome article. Generally been reading in bits and pieces regarding some trade issues between USA and China. Well covered the genisis of the problem and stakes for both the countries. If India plays the card intelligently, it can reap dividends out of the opportunity

  2. PK sharma

    A well researched and well written article. Makes a racy reading. Amazing to know that China subsidizes production.

    A lot will depend on success of BRI and make in China 2025 .

  3. Prashant Kumar Singh

    Very detailed insight of world economy. Cause n effect analysis is superb.
    Prashant k Singh

  4. P k sharma

    The article is well researched and put across. It makes interesting and racy reading.

    It was amazing to know that China subsidizes production and retains capacity to fund BRI.

    The success of both the initiatives will have to be seen.

  5. P k sharma

    The article is well researched and put across

    Makes an interesting and racy reading

    It is amazing that China subsidizes in production and retains capacity to fund BRI

    The success of BRI will require to be seen.

  6. Abhishek Dutta

    A very well written article, that captures uncertainities and opportunities from a probable trade war between two super powers.

    Given 2020 is an election year in the US, current leadership is projecting a “strong” image of not relenting to and standing up against unfair trade practices (recent levy of tariff on Mexican imports) and watching closely China’s reaction. It is n upow to be seen how long both countries sustain trade disruption. China is targeting products from Republican majority states – which actually may help president Trump – if people are motivated through nationalistic fervor as fighting against unfair trade and being losing a little in the short term to gain pride and prosperity in future.

    Thank you for sharing the article.

  7. Col M Kumar

    A brilliantly researched well nuanced article. I find you recognise both are rascals more interested in maintaining their hegemony over a hapless world . There are two crucial points which may have merited inclusion.
    a. China’s hold of US Treasury bills. In June 2018, China owned $1.18 trillion of U.S. debt and Japan owned $1.03 trillion. That’s more than one-third of foreign holdings. Federal Reserve – $2.46 trillion.Apr 18, 2019. If China really wanted to upset the apple cart it could push the world into a free fall depression by unleashing USTBs.
    b. China holding of ‘RARE EARTHS’. Rare earths are found in various minerals such as monazite and bastnasite. They are dispersed in low concentrations and are costly to extract from ore. … However, China accounts for over 95 percent of the world’s production of rare earths. Therefore, having control of these elements puts China at a powerful position.Beijing’s threat to use its dominance of rare earths in the trade war risks serious disruption to U.S. industry, by starving manufacturers of components commonplace in everything from cars to dishwashers and military equipment. And, it’s a stranglehold that might take years to resolve.

    Can US really dare to risk so much. Trump’s brinkmanship is like a poker player who is bluffing his way and China is not biting seriously. Remember the Chinese capability to suffer individually is of a much higher order than a punky American public which cries over a mosquito bite. The Chinese can withstand much more adversity and tighten their belts by goverment fiat. The Americans cannot. And herein lies the rub. Remember for XI, ‘FACE’, is everything in a dog eat dog Communist heirarchy and he is not budging easily. Poor India is caught in the crossfire and will cry ‘UNCLE”every time however brave a face we put.

  8. Vinod Kumar Sharma

    A very thorough and detailed study of the hottest ongoing topic bugging the world politicians ,bureaucrats and economists today. Its impact on India is also well covered. Its correct tackling will decide the fate of both world and Indian economy and also guide the Indian government to avoid the mistakes committed by China while blindly attracting investment from the advanced economies of the world in last nineties.

  9. Brig Ashit Biswas

    A comprehensive and wholesome article. The genesis of the issue shows the flaw in America’s long term vision. In it’s eagerness to enter the vast China market in early 80s it had compromised on policies which has led to massive trade imbalance. Even if it manages to get it’s way, it is going to have a bloody nose.

  10. Shonalee

    Very well written ….This article highlights the current scenario and the power play.


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