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Nitin A. Gokhale

Nitin A. Gokhale

Nitin Gokhale has been a multimedia reporter since 1983. He has recently made a transition from being a full-time journalist to becoming an author, media trainer and researcher.

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  1. Harshad Datar

    In the shrill debates of the TV the reality is the casualty. This article has brought out the reality of the ground situation into public domain by the brilliance of its analysis and the depth of coverage

  2. Subrata Saha

    Subrata Saha

    Very well written. In fact the appropriate and timely military action has provided the firm base to build upon further with diplomatic activity.

  3. KN SHARMA Kailash Narayan Sharma

    Excellent analysis, thanks

  4. George

    China often spends all its energy on issues that drains it’s powers. It is an arrogant nation which is currently riding high on its huge cash reserves and practically bribing it’s way into the power circles. Wouldn’t last beyond short or medium term.


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