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Col RN Ghosh Dastidar (Retd)

Col RN Ghosh Dastidar is a Post Graduate from Madras University in Defence and Strategic Studies. He is a retired Mechanised Infantry Officer, with a vast and varied experience in the Indian Army of 38 years. He is a keen follower of Geo Strategic events around the Globe and a freelance journalist, in this field.

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  1. HPS Pall

    A pragmatic analysis of the prevalent situation in Afghanistan and how it bodes for India. Hoping it develops a favourable situation.

  2. Kapil Dev

    The dilemma faced by Afghanistan have been well analysed by the Author. By leaving the ANG in lurch, USA has created a situation wherein inimical forces, looking to grind their own axe will have a field day.
    It is opined that once the nitty gritty of governance is sorted out, the Afghan government, whatever be it’s character, will exert itself independently, as no one wants to be dictated by others; least the Talibans / Government controlled by them
    4. The Chinese and the Indians may have co-terminus objectives despite the differences. Encouraging moderate Islamic values in Afghanistan could be an important one. How we play the strategic game will determine the influence we would wield in South Asia.
    India needs to persist with Afghan friendly measures, notwithstanding the colour and contours of the Afghan Government. We have to focus on long term gains and not be swayed by short term hiccups. Education in specified fields, setting up health care infra and connectivity projects will help in establishing our benign intentions. Offering a vast market for Afghan goods and encouraging imports from that country could strengthen our relations.
    A timely reminder by the Author for those who decide the policies.


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