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  1. Partha Gupta

    A well thought of conclusion.
    Well written.

  2. Col M Kumar

    I really appreciated this article. Extremely well written and original in idea. I have not read any another article comparing China in a Cold War scenario. I would like to add that it is a fact that there is no ideological threat. China’ s only ‘friends’, Iran, NK and Pakistan are all of different mindsets. I personally feel, China runs the risk of becoming an economic target . A pariah who will lose his global market due to blockades/ tariffs, embargo etc if it does not conform to the global order. America may no longer be a unilateral power but it still has enough clout to ensure this.

  3. Col Ramesh Sharma

    As always, the author has researched his subject very well . He has covered the Cold War of yesteryear’s and compared it to the Cold War setting in . He is not prone, like most Asian authors, to be overwhelmed and awed by the west . He has amply brought out China’s intent and growing importance in world economics and affairs . Certainly a very readable article

  4. Kulwant Ghai

    Absolutely correct analysis . A 50 year old template can definitely not be applied in the present situation for the following reasons:
    1. The world is not as bipolar as it was then.
    2. Financially USA & China have a lot of stake in each other’s economy.
    3. EU & Russia are definitely not marginal players. They have their interests and will chip in as per their convenience.
    4. The entire world has become increasingly interdependent.
    5.Post elections in USA things are going to change.

    Besides the Covid uncertainty , China will endeavour to play a greater role on the global stage whereas its opponents will try to make it conform to global order.

  5. Asis Banerjee

    Col. RNG’s points to disprove the US and its allies intentions for continuance of Cold War situation with China are very strong, well analysed and cannot be ruled out. True, that in last 20 years, economy of China with US and its alies have blended so intricately that his comments on their relationship as “Bad Marriage with no probability of divorce ” is explicit in itself.

  6. Brig Kapil Dev

    Dear Sir,
    While covering the subject in a very comprehensive manner, the author has touched upon issues which need to be deliberated.There is absolutely no doubt that the current animosity/ belligerence between China & USA, in the main, do not bear many similarities with the Cold War. What also stands out from the Article is that what China is looking far is expanding its Economic footprint, creating economic and military dependence in the future & and not building ideological blocks.
    But we still need to define the rising level of acrimony and hostility between USA & China. What is interesting to note is that, probably, having done it’s homework China is doing to the USA and its allies what they did to the erstwhile USSR. China has become an economic powerhouse, is amongst the leading technological giants and has got its footprint across a vast number of Countries. The USA and western nations have lately woken up to the fact that not only China is the factory of the world but might have stolen their technological thunder. The USA, around which the technological & economic activity revolved, suddenly finds itself vulnerable by China trying to create a new world order with itself at the center. What the US & West are trying now is a rear guard action to salvage the situation. And they have to thank Trump for opening their eyes. The Author has so succinctly brought out the enmeshing of their economies with China and their dependence on the latter for continuing supply chains.
    China’s overall strategic game, whether by its own design or by the actions initiated by USA, has been revealed a little prematurely. The pandemic has multiplied China’s woes. Feeling vulnerable, It has further accentuated the situation by it’s actions in Hong Kong, in South China Sea, against Taiwan,against India in Eastern Ladakh and brandishing threats to various countries in Europe & Australia.

    We also need to asses the fallout of the this fast changing security scenario on India. We may have been burying our conflict and problems with China under the carpet for long but there was a huge possibility of creating synergies between the two neighbours. There definitely was space for both to grow as also mutually benefit each other. By acting the way it did in Ladakh, China has almost closed that opportunity. Or maybe in the grand design of things we are being manipulated & driven into American camp. India, so far, wasn’t in US camp despite fast growing relations. What does China gain by fighting a war with India at this stage?

    I would like to thank the Author for his thought provoking Article.

    1. Rabindra

      Superb analysis.


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