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Having schooled at the premier Boarding House, The Lawrence School Sanawar, Shimla Hills, Brig Kapoor graduated with an Honours degree in Economics from the prestigious Shriram College of Commerce (SRCC), Delhi University. Placed for a vocation in the corporate in the final year, whilst, still at the fledgling stage, he decided to pursue the family tradition of three generations, in service of the Nation, when he joined the Indian Military Academy as a Gentleman Cadet and post training, was commissioned as an officer in the Indian Cavalry.

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  1. Rabindra

    Decision making in an environment where speed of receipt information is delayed only by nano seconds from the occurrence of a security crisis and the simultaneity of other such crisis occurring, will add tremendous pressure on the Decision makers to respond swiftly.
    In such a scenario, where the situation on ground is being streamed live by Media ,additional pressure will be created on the Decision Makers to Respond .This is going to increase the probability of bad decisions.

    AI assisted weapons such as aircrafts , hypersonic missiles moving at five times the speed of sound,Cyber attacks at click of a mouse paralyzing major infrastructures such as Power Distribution Grids, Transportation hubs etc gives Decision Makers nano seconds to a minute at the most to counter the threat .
    Incase delayed, the chaos and confusion created by the attack will breakdown social order ,with Social media adding to this chaos. This will add to the burden of the decision makers to initiate Damage Control and to restore normalcy , in addition to a speedy response.

    Not only this speed compresses the time for decision making but it also disrupts traditional and more predictable patterns of conflict escalations .

    The future Political and Military Leadership will have to be trained to handle this “Speed” generated by AI.

    A wonderful article.


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