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  1. Rabindra

    A very thorough and a candid article wherein all facets of Agniveer scheme has been analysed.

    Whereas the Armed Forces will keep no stones unturned to retain their cutting edge in professionalism , on implementation of the Agniveer Scheme and will face this challenge head on and come out a winner, it’s the post retirement employment guarantee of Agniveers which will pose a problem for the GOI.

    If the GOI gives a written commitment that all willing will be given post retirement employment, than the Agniveers work in the Armed Forces in a very happy state of mind and redeem the trust imposed on them.

    Post retirement too then, they will perform as per the expectations of the Nation, that is as an extremely responsible citizen.

  2. Col Ranjit Singh

    Comprehensively analysed piece.
    Looking at the amendments being announced.. may be due to backlash…. it gives a feel… whole project though a good one, has not been well thought thru.
    Initially at Unit level every year so much of churning will be there when 75 percent are released. This will reduce with time. Functioning at det level will see the effect.
    The larger issue is Agniveers on street after four years seeking jobs. All the promises being announced now lack any statutory obligation on part of centre and states. The history is we as nation have not been able to ensure this for our veterans at any level.
    Willy nilly AFs will have to train them for jobs post four years.


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