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Maj Gen Alok Deb (Retd)

Maj Gen Alok Deb, SM, VSM commanded his Artillery regiment in Operation Vijay where it was awarded the Chief of Army Staff Unit Citation and Honour Title Kargil.

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  1. Roy

    A very well written article sir. My compliments.
    Looking at integration and removal of ‘flab’ as is commonly referred to, one must look at the possibilities. Either we plan to build broader consensus of tr-service jointmanship at the top and move down; and while doing so integrate responsiblities and identify likely ‘flab’ that needs dispensation. Else look at individual service requirements and then make attempts to fit them with each other at each level. The latter appears more difficult and resource consuming.
    The top-down approach could be a possibility with stabilisation at each level before moving to the next lower level. But a word of caution – there is a limit to which one can go level-wise, as after a stage it has to be in a single fell-swoop. To reduce the pain of that last bit, preparations have to commence now and in the right earnest.
    Best regards.


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