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  1. Col D K Salwan

    Ukraine conflict is a historical travesty when analysed in the back drop of protocols and rules which kept the Cold War COLD in the nuclear environment.
    The hegemon US and its allies precipitated the crisis which Zelenski self-inflicted with the fond hope that US+NATO will physically fight on Ukrain’s behest,which has not happened.
    Instead,US + NATO has taken recourse to application of soft-power through sanctions regime,which is a double edge weapon.Technology is an important tool of soft-power ,but cyber space is a universal domain which connects the world electromagnetically.In other words,cyber space is the soul or centre of gravity of the global inter-dependence. Wars are functions of time while inter-dependence is not.Cyber sanctions have far reaching consequences unlike economic sanctions and are unlikely to be imposed due to global internet interoperability.
    Col S C Tyagi has very rightly elaborated on the Russian alternatives which too use the all pervasive cyber space.It is obvious that Russia,the Super power,would have factored in the soft-power which is multi domainal while taking the US+NATO bull by the horn.
    Ukrain conflict is not in the same league as Nagarno-Karabakh,Sino-Indian,Indo-Pak conflicts.

  2. Col Rajive Kohli

    Very well analysed by the author on this important issue dominating the world. It is a very complex problem and the Russians have developed their own alternative technologies. Another way of looking at it is that this would force the Russian and others to adopt alternative mechanisms. The sanctions are also going to hurt Europeans specially Germans.


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