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V Adm Suresh Bangara (Retired)

He retired as Flag Officer Commanding – in – Chief, Southern Naval Command on 31 Jul 2006. Before that he was the Deputy Chief of Integrated Defence Staff – Operations, Commandant, National Defence Academy, Commander – in – Chief, Southern Naval Command. He also served as Naval Attache/Adviser at the Embassy/High Commission of India at Islamabad.

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  1. AVM Vohra

    Thoroughly enjoyed the update.Very informative. Deserves a much wider circulation amongst services and other stakeholders.

  2. Gautam Sen

    Suresh is dead right on the tactical details and the historical narrative. What is lacking is to put the finger on the trust deficit that has existed and continue to exist between all the past heads of government and the military of the nation. In essence the Army and Indian democracy has never been integrated organically . The reasons are political, conceptual and theoretical and in that order.. the DPC is yet another way to bypass the essentiality of jointness at organic level and reduce it to “tacticising strategic perspectives” and not the other way round. Secondly by keeping the DYNSA and NSCS out of the participatory role in the deliberations of the DPC, a countermarative will always be advocated by the head of government through the NSA. This has already happened in the first meeting on 3 April 2018.
    Having said all this, one has to admit that the first baby step towards the concept of jointness and truncated strategic outlook has been taken. If India has to be taken seriously as a major power then the fault lines which has restricted the evolution of strategic culture in India has to be eradicated and gap between the realm of ideas and the domain of public policy has to be identified .
    Under the present narrative , the roles and goals remain undefined and ambiguous since our concepts of nationalism, national interest and national security remain unresolved conceptually, theoretically and politically. But all said and done Suresh’s article is timely and meaningful.
    Gautam Sen, Pune

  3. Colonel arun joshi

    With the chiefs having direct axis to the CEO does augur well. Hope the babus do not sabotage this arrangement.


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