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Maj Gen Harsha Kakar

Maj Gen Harsha Kakar was commissioned into the army in Jun 1979 and superannuated in Mar 2015. During his military service, he held a variety of appointments in every part of the country including J&K and the North East. The officer was the head of department in strategic studies at the college of defence management where he wrote extensively on futuristic planning and enhancing joint operations.

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  1. Rabindra

    A very fine article…. giving out steps to cut Pakistan to size.
    I have a gut feeling that the common Paki is rather thankful to the Deep State ( it’s Army and a handful of Businessmen) as they I think feel that Politicians of Pakistan are too greedy , unruy, divisive to keep the country together…And its this Deep State which is maintaining the integrity and sovereignty of Pakistan, since independence.
    India may cancel IWT which has survived major wars between the two nations… but there has to be a strong reason for something more than the previous wars and not just lack of restraint due to political immaturity.Moreover, international community loses confidence in a Nation which doesn’t adhere to International treaties.
    US desperately needs Pakistan to maintain lines of communication with Afghanistan. It also needs Pakistan, to enable US to encircle Iran …. recent Saudi prince visit and the investments promised was followed immediately by a Pak sponsored suicide bomb attack on Iran Army… And to do all this, -to further the US- Saudi narrative to bring an already weakened ( under Sanctions since 1979) , US and Saudi A will definitely help it financially to stay afloat.

    China too will … for CPEC and for being its main Strategic partner.

    All these Nations will negate India s attempt to stymie Pakistan, as they have done earlier.


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