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Maj Gen DK Jamwal (Retd.)

Maj Gen DK Jamwal, VSM** retired from the Army after rendering 38 years of distinguished service. He is an alumni of the prestigious Defence Services Staff College, Wellington, College of Defence Management, Secunderabad.

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  1. Rabindra

    Time and again the Indian Army has brought the Kashmir insurgency to mnageable limits,enabling the Administration to function properly. During such periods the common man in the Valley have enjoyed peace and growth.Able Administrators in Wajahat Habibullah, Gen Sinha and NM Vohra have delivered succor .
    But the same cannot be said of the elected representatives and Huriyat.
    It is suggested that the Government of India appoint able Administrators and equip them with able Bureaucrats and keep the State under Governor”s rule for the next two decades. Concurrently. let the Army in conjunction with CPOs root out the Gun , the leaders of the various Insurgent groups with minimum collateral damage.This will ensure that two generations grow educated and employed. Peace will usher in. The Kashmiri youth too wants to reap the benefits of the Indian growth story.This will weave Kashmir with the mainland.
    It sounds Utopian in today’s environment but this is a concrete way forward .One mustn’t forget that Kashmiris too are fellow citizens , albeit Anti Indian in their thinking.

    Pakistan is an Enemy Nation and will remain so. Hating India is the only common thread that unifies Pakistan.It must be dealt with as an inimical neighbor, in all spheres .
    As this inimical neighbor shares a border with Kashmir, it seeks its annexation . The Indian state must take all the steps suggested by the Gen Jamwal and many more , on all fronts , to defeat this Evil Aim of Pakistan.

    An excellent article by a Soldier who has been on the ground and understands the pulse of this problem.


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