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  1. Rabindra

    The tasks enumerated in the article highlight the need to amalgamate the military resources of the Nation for their optimum utilisation. The first CDS has the onerous task of not only overcoming the teething problems the office of CDS will face but also to set the ball rolling in ascertaining the threat and re organising joint forces in Theatre Commands , threat specific.

    A road map to achieve this as per prioritisation with adeqaute finances forecasted and catered for in the Military budgeting to achieve the desired restructuring will need to be done.
    Peninsular Command by amalgamating resources of Eastern and Western navies have to be war gamed in depth . It is so because if China does threaten then Pak too will pitch in and there will be two navies to deal with .Knowing Pak capabilities , it maybe restricted to the Western coast only, though China does have the capability to threaten both.

    Jointmanship in training is the need of the hour and a major KRA for the office of CDS.

    To enable the CDS to be an able Mil Adviser to the RM and also to the Nuclear Command Authority, the CDS office must be equipped with experts from bureaucracy and think tanks, who can advice the CDS and give him inputs on the current and future scenarios of major geo strategic events in the world.

    The Department Of Military Affairs should undertake Strategic Reviews of the Nations which interest us , whether inimical or friendly.

    The Services must celebrate this new office by wholeheartedly committing to Jointmanship without one up manship and turf war must diminish or disappear .

    The article outlines logically the way forward for the first CDS and makes the scope and role of CDS quite clear to the reader.

  2. Col Raghunath Banerjee

    Very well articulated needs and likelihood of future integration process through operational , geographic theatre based, administrative and logistics oriented as well as senior level training oriented restructuring” A good insight into the likely shape of things to come!


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