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Surya Gangadharan is a senior Indian journalist with 30 years of experience in print and news television. He is the Editor of an upcoming portal on strategic affairs, Strategic News International. Formerly, he was International Affairs Editor at CNN IBN, a leading English language TV news channel. He has covered the Arab Spring beginning with the Tahrir Square uprising in Egypt and later the civil war in Syria. Other assignments include the civil war in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nepal and the ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka.

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  1. Kautilya

    There can be no case for exploitation of the Adivasis. And yet, one must ask’ “What constitutes protection of Tribal Rights?” The right to live as they’ve always lived for centuries? With the world always changing; how long will the Adivasis remain unaffected by the changes around them? Isn’t bultoo radio, in itself, a fine example of the change (read technological advance) embraced by the Adivasis? Why embrace some changes and resist others? Would it instead be more appropriate to offer Advisasis stakes in the ‘exploitation’ of the natural resources by businesses and corporates; resources that thus far the Adivasis have claimed to be their ‘exclusive preserve’?


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