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Air Marshal SBP Sinha graduated from National Defence Academy in June 1979 and was commissioned in fighter stream on 15 June 1980. He took over as AOC-in-C of Central Air Command on 01 January 2016. He has flown Hunter, MiG-21, Mirage 2000 and Su-30MKI and has 3935 flying hours. He is 'Cat A' Flying Instructor, Instrument Rating Instructor and Examiner, and graduate of Defence Services Staff College. He underwent 'Operational Electronic Warfare Course' in France and 'Executive Course on Security Studies' in USA.




  1. Ashok

    I agree with Air Mshl Sinha’s assessment of HAL’s functioning. Bureaucratic interference in an area of Defence aircraft is sad especially when no Air Force engineer or pilot is part of the management. The suggestion to break up various units of HAL into independent companies is good. Aeronautical engineers from IITs must be inducted into the design bureau. So far, all indigenous aircraft manufactured by HAL have their design copied from existing aircraft in the world.

  2. Rabindra

    A very candid article .
    Along with HAL, its time one did audit of all the defence PSUs, OFs , Base Workshops and the CQAs involved in the process of certification of their products.

    It’s true that that the aviation industry hasn’t taken off but then we have just emerged from the shadows of a third world nation.
    The Higher education in pure sciences and R&D in these fields in the country are yet to reach any level of excellence. Industry too hasn’t been able to produce milgrade material indigenously ,be it bearings, resin, metals etc.
    Most of the high end technology till date has been ex import.
    To overcome this, private industries will have to invest heavily in establishing R&D in high end technologies, aided by the Government. Coupled with this , the R&D at Universities will require to be given a fillip and excellence achieved .
    Even today, best of our brains are poached by developed nations and this has to stop by giving them adequate scope within our country to express themselves professionally and grow , without bureaucratic interference.

  3. Krishnan Sundarram

    Very succinctly written article. The views of Sinha sir need to be carefully considered by the powers that be. The strengths of HAL need to be suitably harnessed for the overall good of India’s Aviation Industry.

  4. Kane

    I hope the next government would give someone like Air Marshal SBP Sinha to build a team to study and prepare a report on the DPSU’s rationalisation, starting with HAL. This then should be used to restructure the DPSU’s starting with HAL. I find the sugessions of AM Sinha absolutely clear and doable. It makes sense to seperate the divisions and R&D centers into individual companies. Every supar-large companies worldwide do these kinds of re-structuring to inject new goals and objectives and improve innovations, profits, functioning. HAL definite is ripe for it. The whole country, the aviation eco-system and HAL included, will benefit from it. Thank you sir, for a clear-headed assessment free from lobbies and politics.

  5. Manab Roy

    There r foreign moles hence it is apprehended sabotaj. in every development is happening.India should open a new facility under new name in other location.


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