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Maj Gen Harsha Kakar

Maj Gen Harsha Kakar was commissioned into the army in Jun 1979 and superannuated in Mar 2015. During his military service, he held a variety of appointments in every part of the country including J&K and the North East. The officer was the head of department in strategic studies at the college of defence management where he wrote extensively on futuristic planning and enhancing joint operations.

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  1. Madhusudanan G

    The basic tenet of the Panchsheel has been flown as a kite destined for space by the Chinese long back. The recent pro-Pak stance not withstanding, India should now be able to play the Tibet card more strongly than ever before so as to create a level playing field vis-a-vis active Chinese support in the NE. Even predominantly peaceful states like Arunachal Pradesh has reported presence of armed militant groups.


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