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Col B R Nair, a third generation army officer was commissioned from Officer's Training School in Sept 1974 to the Regt of Artillery. He is an alumnus of JNU, School of Foreign Languages, with a Honours Degree in Russian Language and Literature. After the initial 6 odd years of Regimental Service, he was posted to Army Head Quarters, Military Intelligence Directorate. Noticing his flair for analysis, on the advice of his seniors he transferred to the Intelligence Corps.He has experienced both offensive and counter intelligence work in the NE, J&K, Sri Lanka as well as doing Intelligence Staff work from Army Head Quarters down to Corps & Divisional levels. Post retirement in 2004, the officer served with a foreign security service providing company based out of the UK as a security analyst and security planner for major clients in NCR. The complete security design, deployment, and execution for security at India's first Formula 1 races at Budh Circuit, Greater Noida in Oct 2011, was done by the officer.The officer has a keen interest in security & geo strategic issues on which he often writes in professional magazines.

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