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  1. Rabindra

    Much of this isn’t known to most around the world because since the Duterte has come to
    Power, he is in limelight for his fight against drug mafias and corruption.

    Often too he talked of abrogations of treaties with US which appeals not only to anti US sentiments in Philippines but also is music to the ears of China.

    China is viewed negatively by over 50% of Filipinos and US is seen positively by over 60%.

    With an annual trade of nearly $17 billion in which exports amount to $ 5 Bn only , China is Philippines largest trading partner.
    The ethnic Chinese population has ties with mainland and in South East Asia. An advantage in trade but a disadvantage In National Security.

    Philippines, in 2011 , named Eastern part of S China Sea as West Phillipines sea and strongly resisted its EEZ being transgressed by China which claim EEZ of various islands it claims in S China Sea.
    Spartly island and its reefs and corals is a bone of between China and Taiwan, Vietnam, Phillipines, Malaysia and Brunei and makes S China Sea a potential flash point.

    June 2019 sinking of Filipino vessel at Reed Bank off Palawan in Philippines, growing incursions in rich Filipino fishing grounds of Benham Rise and other places , have created a fear psychosis of the Dragon and over 90% Filipinos don’t trust China.

    The creeping influence of Beijing in Western and Central Pacific by having Beijing supported Governments was very evident in the recent Kiribati elections.Subverting Hawaai( US) seems to next in Beijing’s agenda .

    To Duterte and to the Filipino regime, the message that Security takes precedence over economic gains are loud and clear as also the fact that without US on in its mainland and neighborhood , Phillipines would have been an easy game for Beijing for political manipulations to have a Beijing leaning regime in place, making it inadvertently a colony of Beijing.

    1. Brig SK Chatterji

      Thanks for your comment, Rabindra.

  2. Fred

    Secretary Clinton was aboard the Arleigh Burke class destroyer Fitzgerald in Manila Bay. The Fitzgerald is not an aircraft carrier.


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