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At bharatshakti.in, we are aware that most of you are operating from home. The absence of social exchanges and saving on commute time has given all of us more time both for our work and our families. This is also a period when we desire more information in order to chart the right route for our business establishments. Bharatshakti.in has hence, expanded its scope to the extent possible to keep you abreast and provide you inputs for planning your operations ahead.

We have been running two series of interviews for channelizing diverse ideas to you. The first one is a video series with industry leaders who have discussed their strategies to overcome the limitations faced in their functioning. The other series is on News Warrior our Podcast platform. The series is bringing you details of equipment of various kind that the armed forces have. The best experienced professionals are presenting weapon systems and their capabilities through a simplistic narrative. Do let me know should you have any specific issues that you want us to cover in any of these programs.

The government is gradually opening up the economy. We have to get used to functioning in a Corona threat environment. I am sure, we all are facing it both boldly and prudently. Hopefully, we will soon witness flattening of the curve. By now, we have, in any case, worked out new models to remain productive. Some of these lead to cost savings;and quite substantial at that.

Team bharatshakti.in wishes you, your team and your family’s good health and peace of mind. I am sure, along with our workforce, we will all play a strong role in ensuring that the GDP does not go too far south.

Before signing off let me remind you to check out our Videos section… and our founderNitin Gokhale video blog on military history and issues of relevance. Please also go to NewsWarrior for our podcasts.

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Image article 1
An Opportunity for Make In India 2.0
April 30, 2020; By: Commander Debesh Sharma (Retd)

Our 1991 balance of payments crisis ushered in the age of a new India. In 2014, the “Make in India” initiative was launched by the Prime Minister when our growth rate had fallen to the lowest level in a decade. This time around too, while we focus on mitigating the spread of COVID-19, let us remember what we have achieved when the chips have been down, and not lose sight of the larger opportunity afforded to us. As China fades off the centre stage, it is time for Make in India 2.0.
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Beyond A Triangular Conception: The “Peninsula” Command
April 26, 2020;: R Adm Sudarshan Shrikhande (Retd)

In this article, the author shares an analysis of the form, function and fit of the proposed Peninsula Command. He examines in detail why the nomenclature‘Peninsula’ may not be suitable and suggests options. Interestingly, and to further the arguments he made in his previous opinion piece of 20August 2019, he proposes that there be a VCDF (Vice Chief of Defence Force) as well as a VCDS under the CDS.
Image article 1
What Indian Defence Industry needs Post-Covid-19
April 20, 2020; By: Nitin A. Gokhale

As a result of a number of initiatives taken in the past few years, the Indian industry had just started to evolve when COVID-19 gave it a body blow. A large number of Industry players may not survive the crisis unless some urgent steps are undertaken to boost Make In India.
Image article 1
Army to Get Its Own Apache Attack Helicopters
April 17, 2020; By: Lt Gen BS Pawar (Retd)

Attack Helicopters are a huge asset to a commander especially in operations involving mechanised forces. These assets have been a part of the Air Force’s inventory in the Indian context, thereby constraining their optimal utilisation by mechanised force commanders. However, now with the induction of HAL’sRudra, sanction given by the government to import six Apache AH 64 E Guardian attack helicopters and the project to manufacture Light Combat Helicopters, the army’s capabilities to field these versatile machines in an integrated battlefield is being given a boost. The author provides a full spectrum analysis of the issue.
Image article 1
National Security Reflections in a Post COVID-19 World Order
April 13, 2020; By: AVM Arjun Subramaniam (Retd)

Indian security planners need to put on their thinking caps on not just a battle against the COVID-19 virus but a multi-front security conundrum that faces the Indian strategic establishment and it’s military.
Image article 2
COVID-19: Catalyst to Global Reset
April 06, 2020; By: Lt Gen Rakesh Sharma (Retd)

There can be no soothsayers predicting what the world will look post-COVID-19. As nations progress thick into combating the scourge, examining and planning for the future is imperative. The all-important issues are the geopolitics among nations and essentially the contestation between the US and China.
Opinion article 1
Pandemic to Infodemic: Are We Victims of Misinformation Campaigns
April 04, 2020; By: Lt Gen Dushyant Singh (Retd)

Information is a weapon and can be used both to create awareness and also degrade capabilities while fighting an adverse situation. The Coronavirus pandemic has brought with it the challenge that was even otherwise inevitable in today’s information-based environment. While misinformation can barely be controlled in a democratic society, there is a need to fight it, and one such means is by dissemination of correct information by the government and authorized agencies. The author relates the phenomenon to the COVID-19 crisis and offers some tangible solutions.
Opinion article 1
Coronavirus: Six Nations, Six Roads
April 04, 2020; By: Brig SK Chatterji (Retd)

The Coronavirus that started its flight from Wuhan, China, has changed the way we live and work globally. It has elicited a variety of responses in various countries.Nations have reacted in tune with their priorities, cultures, state of healthcare infrastructure and assessments. Their objectives coincide, but responses vary. A few facets from the chronologies traced at various capitals are worth reflecting upon.
Opinion article 1
Turkey’s Decline Under Erdogan
March 30, 2020; By: Niraj Srivastava. IFS

Turkey is left with few friends, today. Somewhere along the run-up to the current state, Erdogan has made major mistakes. Turkey – India relations are also at the lowest ebb, His handling of the Idlib situation has led to the Turkish army suffering losses that Turks may not accept too easily. The author analyses the situation in the context of the Idlib losses, superpower rivalry and possible reasons for Erdogan displaying a rather passionate turn towards Pakistan.
Opinion article 1
Sikh Gurdwara at Epicentre of Terrorist Violence in Afghanistan
March 27, 2020; By: Col BR Nair (Retd)

Sikhs have been inhabitants of Afghanistan for centuries. They have been a prosperous community and have displayed adequate acumen in business ventures. Their numbers today reflect a steep slide; the phenomenon having started mostly after the Taliban takeover of the country. However, a small Sikh community has continued to stay put in what they consider as their homeland, even today. A well-orchestrated attack on the lone surviving Gurdwara in Kabul may rock the courageous stance displayed so far.
Opinion article 1
Biosecurity in India: The Way Forward
March 25, 2020; By: Col Ram Athavale, PhD

The Covid-19 pandemic has thrown open multiple issues that question the preparedness of not just India, but the world as such to fight challenges like the one we are faced with, today. The author informs that till now biosecurity has been treated as a health issue in India, instead of being viewed as a part of the national security paradigm. The author’s analysis merits examination in order to better protect our societies against disruptions that such pandemics can cause, as we do find ourselves immersed in, today.
Opinion article 1
The Culture of Innovation in Defence
March 19, 2020; By: Brig Yogesh Kapoor, VSM (Retd)

In a world of innovation and disruptive technologies, that often prove useful in multiple domains of civil and military usage, militaries need to be far more adaptive and develop a culture that drives the process. As of now, legacy mindsets often prove to be dampeners in accruing benefits that could provide greater military capabilities. The author propagates the necessity of innovation pervading the military culture being essential to draw the benefits of scientific progress and technological disruptions.
Opinion article 1
The Libyan Conundrum
March 14, 2020; By: Col RN Ghosh Dastidar

A lot was expected in West Asia when the winds of Arab Spring blew over an area that has witnessed very limited liberalisation in terms of democratic rights of citizens for ages. But, today, having been through a protracted run of protests and even violence, it’s mostly back to the old mores. The changes are limited to new rulers who have retained the old style quite distinctly. Libya was, and still remains one of the most affected countries. A state of strife has kept the country on the verge of disintegration for a long time. There are too many powers beyond Libyan borders who have stakes in Libya, thus complicating an already complex situation. The author provides a glimpse of the issues that create a violent situation.


Image article 1
Army’s Modernisation Will Not Suffer; Make In India is the Way Forward: Army Chief Gen Naravane
April 30, 2020; By: Nitin A. Gokhale

Speaking exclusively to BharatShakti.in Editor-in-Chief Nitin A. Gokhale, Army Chief Gen M M Naravane says expenditure on defence should be seen as an investment and only when a nation is secure it prospers. What should also be kept in mind, as the General says, is that there are two neighbours that are inimical to our country. And that India is a security provider for the whole of South Asia. Gen. Naravane, who recently visited Jammu & Kashmir, says if Pakistan’s strategy has been of death by a thousand cuts, India’s strategy will be of death by a thousand and one cuts.
Image article 1
COVID-19 Crisis Can Lead to Reduced Dependence on Imports: Defence Secretary Ajay Kumar
April 23, 2020; By: Nitin A. Gokhale

As India, and indeed the world, battles the Chinese virus pandemic, the Ministry of Defence (MoD), like every other arm of the government is contributing its resources in combating the unprecedented situation. The MoD is trying to lessen the possible financial stresses that the Indian defence sector–especially SMEs and MSMEs–are likely to experience in the immediate aftermath of the current crisis. But every setback brings with it unforeseen opportunities, as Defence Secretary Ajay Kumar points out in this exclusive interview to our Editor-in-Chief Nitin A. Gokhale.
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Modi’s Strategic Communication Masterpiece in Battle against Corona Virus
March 25, 2020; By: Brig SK Chatterji (Retd)

In India, more than any other factor, there was a need to galvanise the nation and raise its confidence to go into a battle, the like of which it had never been fought before.Under the circumstances, there was a need to mobilise a nation to observe a few basic steps in their day-to-day lives that offered the only chance to face the calamity, otherwise very ostensibly in store. It was a situation far more tenuous than that faced by nations at war.The requirement was to communicate with the citizens and win their support.Modi had sold his battle plans without a hiccup. His communication strategy had been perfect.


Indigenous Defence IT Industry Needs Special Govt Package to Reboot Post Covid-19

Speaking to BharatShakti.in Associate Editor, Neelanjana Banerjee, Founder of ObsEye Technologies, Prasad Sathe reiterated that smaller companies working for the defence or national security sectors must be provided sops and tax holidays for a certain period of time till they can make a comeback and start delivering for the national interest.
MSMEs Face The Challenge Of No Revenues, But Expenses Having To Be Paid For.
May 3, 2020

Speaking to BharatShakti.in Editor, S K Chatterji, the MD of Zen Technologies, Ashok Atluri said the MSME sector faces the challenge of acute fund crunch, Government needs to clear all dues to the industry imme-diately. Orders in the final stages already, need to be placed forthwith. We need to completely focus on In-dian companies in our procurements, wherever feasible.
Govt Must Look After MSMEs & Boost Make in India Post Covid-19: Arvind Lakshmikumar, Tonbo Imaging
April 29, 2020

Speaking to BharatShakti.in, Associate Editor Neelanjana Banerjee, Founder and CEO of Tonbo Imagine Ar-vind Lakshmikumar, said that while healthcare is a bigger problem than defence in the present scenario, the post Covid world is a good opportunity to conserve the nation's forex and encourage the Make in India pro-gramme.
Steps Taken By RBI Have Certainly Helped Companies Requiring Working Capital.
April 26, 2020

Speaking to BharatShakti.in Editor, S K Chatterji, the Co-Founder and CEO of Saankhya Labs Parag Naik said companies that are in areas of R&D, design, software development and the like have very limited hard assets. Banks don't give loans against soft assets like people or IPRs. Notwithstanding the stresses due to the pandemic, no shedding of manpower is in anyway planned.
Make in India In Defence Will Get A Boost Post Covid: J D Patil
April 24, 2020

Speaking exclusively to BharatShakti.in Editor-in-Chief Nitin A Gokhale, the Whole-time Director, and Senior Executive Vice President for L&T's Defence Business, J D Patil said that companies are saddled with huge inventories that otherwise get pushed out in March end. Companies may not have money after one or two months to continue their operations.
DRDO Mobilises Its Resources In Battle Against COVID 19
April 19, 2020

Speaking exclusively to BharatShakti.in Editor-in-Chief Nitin A Gokhale, the DRDO Chairman, Dr G Satheesh Reddy said that DRDO's extensive resources of laboratories and scientists have taken the COVID 19 chal-lenge on a war footing. Its remarkable successes in the areas of sanitizers, personal protective equipment, ventilators, masks have been shared with both the industry and users. Laboratories have even been shifted to Delhi to test ventilators being received as gifts from abroad for quick examination before being trans-ferred to hospitals.
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